Monday, November 28, 2005

Cycle Santa Monica! blog - Email Updates Form

If you would like to get the latest entries to this Blog sent to you via email. Enter your email address to this form. You will get an email confirmation sent to your email address. Find the confirmation link on the email and click on it. Then your subscription is set. If you decide to unsubscribe later, just select the "unsubscribe link in your feedblitz email updates. They will be sent about once a day. They will have all the content, with pictures and links in tact for your enjoyment.

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Cycle Santa Monica! said...

If you enter your email address on the form, you will be subscribed to Feedblitz. And you will get an email digest, about once per day, with links to all the blog entries, and a summary of each blog entry. If you don't like it there is a link on the feedblitz email that when you click on it, it unsubscibes you from the service. I think it is better than any other service for getting notifications of news feeds by email that I have come across so far.

IF you know of a better service or a service that is worth consideration as an alternative, please post it in the comments. Thanks!