Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Reader Email

[picture to the right is a pink bicycle stencil on cement with a green flower bicycle tire tread wake- click to enlarge]

Reader's email question:

"I heard that near Los Angeles or in California they have public bikes, pink bikes that people can ride and then they park them and another person can use the bike. In what city is this is happening and what the name of the group that sponsors it?"
I have heard rumors of a public bikes program (painted hot pink) , being organized by some people or group, somewhere in Los Angeles.

I do know of attempts at such programs in cities in the bay area(northern California) using other colors for the bicycles.

There is a report of a similar program in Olympia Washington, called the Olympia Bike Library, in which the free community use bicycles are painted pink.

Do any of the Cycle Santa Monica! community have any more information to help this reader?

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Free forum

This is a free forum post. What do you want to talk about?

You have any suggestions for topics or news stories?

Any news or info you want to share?

I have some great stories that I am working on. And I will be posting them over the next few days and weeks.

One will be covering some technology that may be benefitical to cyclists, skaters, and peds.

I have some info on DIY (do it yourself) thinks you can make using materials that can be acquired used, or fromthe trash, for practical items for bicycling, and repair jobs. Look for those article to come out within the next few weeks, with pictures and diagrams on how to make these items.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Santa Monica Library

It might interest you to know that the next "Santa Monica Leadership Series" course, titled "Read. Connect. Relax. Learn: All about Santa Monica's New Main Library", will be at the new Santa Monica Main Library (Thursday, March 30, 2006, 7-9pm, in Martin Luther King, Jr. Auditorium).

You may be wondering why is Cycle Santa Monica! writing about the Santa Monica Public Library.

Well, for one, the Santa Monica Public Library has a new "Sustainability Technology Transportation" collection section(see pic of sign to right). You may like to learn more about that. And You may like to ask the presenters what magazines, books, and other media that collection includes, such as material on bicycling, skating, and by foot. You may also find opportunity to suggest items to add to the collection.

This event is free and open to the public(residents and non-residents of Santa Monica).

You may also want to come to the meeting ask them about bicycle parking(see picture to the right) at and around the library.

You may like to ask them why the bicycle parking is so far from the entrance to the library, un-monitored, un-sheltered, and for so few bicycles. You may ask, why the bicycle parking provides no shelter, or places to plug in electric bicycles and LEV's. You may want to ask them if it is true that bicycles are not allowed to park their bicycles in the parking garage, next to the parking attendant's booth in the 3-4 floor (300+ spaces) car garage.

These are questions you may want to ask officials, at those right opportunities in time during the Santa Monica Leadership course at the Santa Monica Public Library.

Additionally, I have an idea, that may be very innovative, merit further review, and perhaps enhance bicycle parking security at the library (either where they have it now, or closer to the library entrance).

Why not add a "live webcam" pointed at the bicycle parking area, that can be accessed through the Santa Monica Library's web page?

The cyclists could, while doing their research and reading at the library, using the library's fantastic high speed, free, public, WIFI connection, keep a pop up window on their laptop or computer, showing a live video feed from the library's bicycle parking webcam.

And If you can't make it to the event you may also want to make a phone call over to the library director, or send them a fax, or mail them a letter. You can find more contact info at the Santa Monica Public Library website.

And you may want to CC: that letter to the Santa Monica City council, and the Santa Monica Library Board. You may also want to CC: the Sustainable City Task Force, Task Force For The Environment, and the Planning Commission.

BTW, a few of the members of the Planning commission has stated publicly at the Santa Monica Bicycle Workshop(listen to audio) that they want to hear from the public on how to make Santa Monica more bicycle friendly. And some of those commissioners have been spotted at Santa Monica Critical Mass rides on occasion.

In any case, you may enjoy the opportunity of attending this, sure to be informative, free, public, event. And you may have your own questions to raise and get answered to. This may be an excellent opportunity to get the answers.

And in some traditions, cycling advocates bring their bicycle and skating helmets in hand, and have them prominently displayed to show their support for bicycle facilities at events as such.

It is my understanding that the seating is limited for this event and the public is encouraged to reserve a space. You can find that info through the link up above by filling out their online form or calling 310-458-8301.

Although, it is also my understanding that sometime there are several no-shows, which opens up space for people to drop-in, if they did not have a chance to sign up in advance, or if they had not been able to get a reservation on one of the limited seats.

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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Environmentalist Bush

Is Bush becoming an environmentalist?

(click on pictures to enlarge)

[George W Bush says "don't buy gas if you don't need it" listen (5kb - mp3)]

On September 1, 2005, during President Bush's press briefing at the White house, he made the statement "don't buy gas if you don't need it"(source: includes video link to press briefing) .

And then, on January 31, 2006, President Bush makes a comment during his State Of The Union speech, "America is addicted to oil".(source: includes speech transcript and video links to speech)

And it has been reported in the news that he enjoys mountain bicycling and has fallen a few times and scraped up his face etc. (see picture on right)

And there is a photo of him, supposedly, riding a Trek bicycle, wearing an American flag theme bicycle helmet, apparently wearing a black kevlar bullet proof vest.(picture to the right)

(BTW, I wonder if kevlar would be useful for urban cycling wear.)

Additionally, a few years back he was reported to have fallen while learning to ride a Segway.(see picture to the right)

Also, there are reports of him doing almost daily 3 mile runs since he stopped drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes, and running marathons before taking the office of the president in 2001, as reported in the Running magazine interview. Also see the BBC News Washington report
Bush reveals running secrets on this story.

And I spotted a picture of George Bush (senior) on a bicycle for a photo-op in China.(see picture on right)

Ahhh... If Bush W. retrofits the presidential vehicle fleet to run on biodiesel (and/or converts them to biodiesel electric hybrids ), and shows up to a critical mass bicycle ride, I think I will need to pinch myself to make sure I am not in a lucid dream with a wacky "Alice In Wonderland" theme.

Although, I may have a minority opinion, I welcome George Bush to ride in the Santa Monica Critical Mass. And I invite him to ring his bicycle bell first to kick off the ride if need be. And to demonstrate to the American people how they can ride a bicycle for fun and transportation.

And it would be fine with me if he brought an entourage of secret service along for the ride.

Who knows, maybe California Governor Arnold, and former LA mayor, Richard Riordan, would be inspired to come along with their bicycles, for the ride, too.

Perhaps with all these VIPS "pedal pushing" on two wheels, the Mayor of Santa Monica may have to call for an impromtu "car free zone" on the first Friday of April between 5-9pm, or so, for the good of the people.

And during the ride, we could tour some of those pesky intersection in Santa Monica with electronic traffic detection devices that are unable to detect bicycles, with a police escort.

Here are some links to some humorous mock photos of Bush on a bicycle Link 1, Link 2, Link 3

if you liked the info on this page, you might like to read the "Green Corps" page.

News aggregators/ideas

Hi guys.

What news aggregator do you use, if any, to read the Cycle Santa Monica! blog?

How did you find out about the blog?

What articles did you like? Which subjects are less interesting?

Are there subjects or stories that you think would be of value to read about? If so, what are they?


Saturday, March 18, 2006


The UCLA "Spoken Word - Dispatches on Bicycle Commuting to UCLA"(Winter 2006) is now available online at UCLA's website.

Bicycle Slogans...

(click on picture to enlarge)

I recently saw some of the most humorous bicycle slogans for bike shirts.

"I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to Shimano" is probably one of the best I have seen recently.

Here are some of my other favorites(source):

  • "Don't Honk, I'm Pedalling As Fast As I Can"
  • "Friends Don't Let Friends Drive"
  • "Get A Life - Get A Bike"
  • "Get There On Time, Ride A Bike"
  • "Honk If You Are Polluting The Planet"
  • "I breathe"(on back with life size silhouette of lungs)
  • "I Could Be Your Doctor, Neighbour, Friend"
  • "I'm In Touch With My Inner-Cyclist"
  • "Keep Driving Cars And We'll Keep Fighting Wars For Oil"
  • "My Bike Takes Me Places That School Never Could"
  • "Put The Fun Between Your Legs"
  • "Thank You For Sharing Our Roads"
  • "When You Commute, Don't Pollute"
  • "Work To Eat, Eat To Live, Live To Bike, Bike To Work"
  • "Your Bum Looks Better On A Bike"
See the source for more fun bicycle slogans.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

SMPD Vehicles...

(click on images to enlarge)

The Santa Monica Police Department has requested that the city council adopt a new color and design scheme for the department's patrol vehicles.

They want to incorporate the city of Santa Monica's logo into the design.

Currently the color scheme an all white vehicle with a thick stripe of three parallel colors (light blue, mid blue, and dark blue). The words "SANTA MONICA POLICE" are embedded into this stripe in large capital letter using white reflective vinyl material.

The design team has been consulted for the new design which would incorporate the city's logo.

They have decided to go with a design similar to the LAPD, with a black and white appearance. Most of the vehicle's body will be black except for the side doors and the roof.

I think the black and white design offered by the designers is problematic. First, the color black covers most of the vehicle and as a color is much harder to see in the dark than the white. The color black is chosen by police and military units as a camoflage for special operations, such as SWAT teams, because of its difficulty to be seen in the dark and it camaflage characteristics.

Also, the color black connotes sinisterism. The color black is often used in films and pictures, as seen in the picture of Darth Vador from Star Wars on the right, for the bad and scary guys.

And painting the SMPD vehicles to look like LAPD vehicles dilutes Santa Monica's wonderful individuality and identity by adopting an LAPD like design.

The current design of the SMPD vehicles (white with blue and reflective lettering) can be freshened up. And the design could be modified to incorporate the city of Santa Monica's logo if desired.

The pictures to the right show (at top) the current design. The design below that has been modified to illustrate one of the possible ways the old design can be enhance with freshening up and adding the city's logo.

In the modified color scheme(picture to the right), the three color stripes along the side of the SMPD vehicle has been changed to a single deep rich blue(the same blue as used on the NEW Rapid 3 Big Blue Buses). The words "SANTA MONICA POLICE" remain. However, they have been moved a few inches creating a space in the middle, in which a version of the City of Santa Monica's logo has been placed.

This version maintains many of the original design elements. And it incorporates some modifications to freshen up the design, and to incorporate the logo boldly on the doors.

If the City of Santa Monica proceeds with making the SMPD vehicles look like the LAPD vehicles, what is next on the chopping block? Will it be the color blue of our Big Blue Buses? Will our Big Blue Buses be painted green or red and become the Big Green or Big Red Buses, so they can look more like the Culver City Transit or Los Angeles MTA Buses?

Cycle/Skate/Ped Mapmaker

(click on pictures to enlarge. -
1) Gmap-Pedometer webpage.
2) LA Acura Bike Tour route map-using Gmap-Pedometer.
3)Elevation guide of LA Bike Tour route using Gmap-Pedometer)

[see also the Santa Monica Bicycle route map project and map]

Check out the "Gmap-Pedometer". This is an awesome online map tool for cyclists, skaters, and Peds.

The Gmap-Pedometer is a hack for the powerful Google maps engine.

It was designed by a runner who wanted to be able to easily know how far they had run, without having to carry a GPS with them.

The nice thing, perhaps unintended, is that this hack for Google Maps is also great for measuring the distance, and route ,creation and sharing, for cyclists and skaters as well.

The hacker added an "elevation" guide, so you can know how steep your route is along the entire length.

This is nice for cyclists whom want to find a route that avoids steep hills. And I suppose it may be great for those cyclists who are training for the Tour De France and need to find a good climbing hill.

It also includes a "calorie" counter. I am not sure how that is mearsured. And I think that is probably for runners specifically.

Skaters might like using this hack to create routes to skate on. They could use it just as cyclists and runners to come up a route that meets their needs. They may want to pick a route which avoids the steep hills. Or they may like to find a route that has a steady mild decline.

This could be usefull for tailering a multimodal trip as well.

A person could pick a route to cycle, skate, walk, along with buses, which avoid having to pedal, skate, walk up the hill, and pick a route that is level or downhill to to the bus/train stop.

And because this hack uses the powerful google map, you can easily zoom in and out to get perspective of your route. And you can grab and move the map around

At the right is a map created for the LA Acura Bike Tour route map (2006). It was created using Gmap-Pedometer. The picture below is what the elevation guide for the Bike Tour route looks like. Notice that there is a mile marker for the entire route on the map, as well as the route elevation guide. The elevation guide also includes the number of feet scale, above sea water, on the left.

Take a look at the Gmap-Pedometer LA Acura Bike Tour route map link.

Zoom in, zoom out, change the view to satellite or hybrid view, or the "hybrid" view.

See if you can find the hills on the route, using the elevation guide. Measure the calories it would take to run this route, using the "calorie counter".

But it doesn't stop there. You can flip to view your route in "metric". You can even download the info to your computer or to a GPS device.

And once you had your fill of exploring the LA Bike tour route, you can clear all the points and create your own map.

Do you need to find a better route from home to work or school and back? You can use this tool to create the route while at your computer. And you can share the route with your school and work buddies.

This technology may even be useful to people at companies who's job it is to help the employees find bicycle, skate, and walk, commuting routes.

I think this is one of the most useful tools using the Google engine, to help cyclists, skaters, and pedestrians.

This tool will allow us to create a route map, on the fly, and share it, online. We can incorporated those cut-throughs at business parking lots, that nifty short cut through that ped tunnel that isn't on any of the maps. Or we may know of some bike paths that have an opening which allow a short cut.

And we can share this info with our fellow cyclists, skaters, and peds.

We can put out that cut through the parking lot, or through the ped bridge or tunnel, etc.

And the nice thing is, after you are all done setting up a route, you can save it!

Create your own maps.

Here is a basic idea on how to make and share a map using the Gmap-Pedometer:

  • First, go to the Gmap-Pedometer website.
  • Find your starting point on the map.
  • Click on the "Record" button.
  • Put the mouse icon over the starting point of your route and Double click.
  • Follow the route by double clicking at each point there is a turn in the route, or as the road bends.
  • Double click the last point (destination).
  • Now you can see your route and the distance, elevation, etc, for the route you created.
If you want to save it, you can save it on the Gmap-Pedometer server. Once saved, you can go back to the map using the Link your are given.

You can also save the route data to your computer or GPS device. There is a button to press to do that.

Once you have a link for your route. You can paste it into emails, web pages, or just store it in your "bookmarks" of your web browser.

You can also print out the map if you like. There is a button on the page to do that too. However, I am not clear how well the print outs turn out. If some of you try this out, please report back what you find out, so we all can know.

And I welcome you to comment on what you think about this tool. And share your map links of your awesome rides.

Maybe you know of a nice Mural ride on the westsie that you have done. You can share the map of the route.

Or maybe did a public art ride and want to share that.

I know there was some great rides reported on for the LA Bike Summer(2005). We can archive those ride routes using this powerfull tool and share it with the rest of the community. (smile)

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Car Share...

Aspen Car Share radio interview (September 13, 2002)
Gavin Seedorf talks about coordinating Aspen's car share program, which offers people the convenience of a vehicle without the inconveniences of ownership.
(reference Colorado Matters)
download/Listen(MP3 - 1.8 mb)

CityWheels radio interview (February 2, 2006)
(source: "Cleveland Soon to Be Sharing Cars"
(download/listen - Windows Media)

HourCar radio interview (March 30, 2005)
(First Crack 33 - Podcast - interview)
(source HourCar Brings Car Sharing to Twin Cities Garrick Van Buren )
download/listen - MP3

Green Machines podcast show
(March 9, 2006)
(More Hip Than Hippies)
(download/listen - MP3)

note: The show below had written about some coveage of "city carshare". I could not find it.
City CarShare interview (by Bikescape)(Jun 5, 2005)
World Environment Day 2005

Monday, March 13, 2006


Moved to "Top Ten Posts".

Got Parking?

Has the City of Santa Monica left you hanging, with no decent bicycle parking?

Let us know where...

Register the locations and description in the comments section to this blog post.

Let us know of locations where there is a need for bicycle parking, or where it is in need of "maintenance or repair", and/or any "other bicycle parking issues"[i.e. dangerous/poor locations, security issues, poor lighting, shelter, etc., or(?)].

Your comments will be available here for all cyclists, as a continuous, dynamic, reference resource.

Later, your comments may be used in advocacy efforts for improved bicycle parking in Santa Monica.

In addition to posting comments here, you may also submit comments through the "Complaint/Comment Form" below. (email addresses are kept confidential. complaints/comments may also sent anonymously)

NOTE: If you can, take a picture and email to: cyclesantamonica (at) yahoo (dot) com

Santa Monica Bicycle Parking
Registry Form

NAME*: (optional)
*(kept confidential)
Location and description of the bicycle parking issue:

Got Racks?

This Page has been Moved to "Got Parking?"

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Westside Scooter Club...

Westside Scooter club (also, see them on Myspace)
("No Politics, No Dues, Just Scootin")
meets on the second Sunday of every month @ Cock and Bull Pub in Santa Monica

Cock and Bull Pub
2947 Lincoln Blvd
Santa Monica, CA 90405
(310) 399-9696
Rides leaves at 1pm.

Note: Myron's "Swarm Ride" is coming to Santa Monica (late Spring/early summer)(hosted by Myron's Mopeds). Keep posted here for an announcement and details and/or you can call him up and give him your mailing address and he will send you a flyer when they come to Santa Monica.

It is sure to be a lot of fun, with a quirky and fun route, destination, and lots of time to socialize and chat with other "swarmers".

BTW, Myron's Mopeds is known to be, THE, moped shop to go to on the West Coast. I know of at least a few people on the westside that opted to travel the distance to buy their mopeds at Myron's, even though there are some suppliers of mopeds on the westside. He is known to provide the best customer service, and is the most knowledgeable person, when it comes to mopeds. Lots of happy customers of Myron's.

In addition to these two ride opportunities, the word out on the street is that there is another scooter ride that departs from the Vespa shop on Lincoln and Broadway, once a month, as well.

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Dublin traffic

(picture to the right from "Dublin(Ireland) Traffic" video. click on picture to enlarge)

The people on the Emerald Isle (Ireland) like to to it on a bicycle saddle.

They do it on the left side. And sometimes, they like to record themselves doing it. (wink)

Music track is outstanding!

(Video Link)

This is one of the TOP videos on bicycle commuting coming out of europe.

"Cycle commuting in Dublin traffic" video(see it below).(13 minutes - May 2004 - hosted by Google Video)

Google Video description:

My daily commuting through the rush hours and horrible traffic in Dublin, Ireland.
Produced by: Dublin Cycling Campaign
Cameraman, production, stunts: Thomas Pedoussaut

NOTE: The bike lanes are painted red.

Top Ten Posts...

Based on Readers page views, these were the most popular and the...

Top Ten Posts for the past two weeks:

If you haven't seen these posts and the accompanying videos, I highly recommend that you do so (smile)

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Bicycle Swapmeet

Bike Swap Meet at Encino Velodrome
March 11, 2006 (Saturday) 11am
Sellers only $10
Buyers: free
17301 Oxnard St., Encino, CA (MAP)

Come for the swap meet, stay for the OPENING DAY RACING

Racing starts at 2pm

Info: contact Ken Avchen

Also, check out these Videos taken @ the Encino Velodrome:

(Pictures from the videos to the right - click to enlarge)

Friday, March 10, 2006

The Spoken Word(UCLA)

Hot off the Press!

The new issue of UCLA's "The Spoken Word, - Dispatches on Bicycle Commuting to UCLA" (Winter 2006 - Issue 2) is now available.

The folks at UCLA have been contacted to get a link to, if, and where, "The Spoken Word" can be viewed online. They have not responded yet.

In the mean time, among other documents, you can find a copy(PDF) of it in the File Archives at the Cycle Santa Monica! yahoogroup.(note: to access the file there, you need to be subscribed to the group with a Yahoo ID. If you have a Yahoo email address, that is your Yahoo ID. It is FREE to subscribe the group. All are welcome to join.)

For More info: UCLA's Commuting By Bicycle programs

Some highlights from this issue include:

  • announcement of the new BIcycle Lockers program on campus,
  • Release of the UCLA Bicycle Master Plan(Draft)
  • Info about the "UCLA Community Bicycle Center" on campus, [where you can get your bike inspected (free) all the way up to a full bicycle tuneup($65). PLUS they provide access to loaner tools to do your own repairs. and access to supplies for your bicycling needs, such as blinking front and read LED lights, which they will sell to you at their cost ($7.50 a piece). They also got bicycles to rent ($5/day). They are open Mondays/Wednesdays/Fridays, 10 am - 2 pm and Tuesdays/Thursdays, 1 pm - 5pm. See Jacob: 310-206-1252.
  • New UCLA Interactive Bike Map
NOTE: Keep posted to the Cycle Santa Monica! blog for a report on the bicycling community at USC and Santa Monica College. What has been uncovered so far is amazing. And I think it may amaze you too.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

CarFree L.A.

Filmmaker, Seth Wiley, from InmanStories, captures the word being spoken about living in "Los Angeles Without A Car"(4.5 minutes - October 2005 - hosted by Google Video - watch video below) on video.

Description on Google Video says:

Living without a car in Los Angeles, the epicenter of America's love of the automobile, traveling via public transportation and a skateboard.
The music on this video, by "Turtle In Space", rocks!

This is the real deal. A story about what it is like for one Angelino to be more "care free" by being "car free".

NOTE: If you enjoyed this video, you may like to see "Midnight Ridazz" and "Magical Two Feet"

You may also enjoy seeing some web sites that have some helpful info on the subject of living "Car Free":

NOTE: Next Car Free Day will be September 19th, 2006. Look for announcements of special events happenning throughout Los Angeles, especially in Pasadena and Santa Monica.

Why SUV?...

"Why SUV?"

The abbreviated question, "why do we own them?", "why do we drive them?", and more.

This is a question that gets asked by many.

Monopod Productions, the film maker of this video, titled "Widdershins"(40 minutes), takes you on a quest, to get the answers.

Widdershins Video:
(full film - 221 mb - download)
(trailer -10 mb - download)
(both hosted by

And they show you some of the sights to be had in San Francisco, by bicycle, along the way.

This video is brain food. See it if you want to feed your brain.

It includes some clips of the San Francisco critical mass.

This is's description of the video:

Interviews in public capture more than just a discussion of SUV's. Optimistic in the human power of the bicycle and pertinent in this violent political climate, Widdershins reflects on the connections between the shape of our world and the shape of our vehicles. A thoughtful voice-over and three years' footage are crafted in the organic manner of Ross McElwee's personalized documentaries. The film brings in to plain sight the insidiousness of SUV's, and creates a broader vision. It is timely, inquisitive, gently powerful, and honest.


This 30 second video clip, public service announcement, on being "doored"( quicktime - 1.4mb - Watch/download) while riding your bicycle(Hosted by

The sound of the bicycle crash is horrifying. It gives a sense of the severity of what a bicyclist running into an open door may sound like.

This may a nice resource to show in the right situations, maybe on a local tv station.

It was directed by "andrew lynn".

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Air Pollution...

Recently, I saw a short documentary on air pollution. It is titled "Air Pollution: Harmful Particles".(video - 9 minutes - Sept. 2005)(Watch online-FREE)

(pictures to the right from the video - click on to enlarge)

Although it was made by TVLINK EUROPE (kind of like a public TV station for the European Union), the scientific info on air pollution and thier dangerous effects and the means they use to monitor and address the elimination of them, may be applicable here in the west side of Los Angeles.

In addition to this info being of value to cyclists, I think this info is of value to skaters, and pedestrians as well, since they all get exposed to more air pollution outside than folks who travel inside cars. They breath in a greater volume of air when cycling, skating, walking/running than when travelling in an enclosed motor vehicle.

The documentary includes a few interviews with scientists on the health effects of air pollution. There is some interesting slide presentations of lung cells that become injured by toxic chemicals, heavy metals, and other particulate matter.

They report that some of these tiny toxic substances can pass the lung barrier, enter the blood stream, and travel throughout the body.

This particulate toxins can cause irritation, inflammation, and become cancerous, according to the scientists interviewed.

I hope you enjoy the documentary. And I welcome your feedback on it.

You will find a full transcript and complimentary info on the subject at the link I gave for the documentary above.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Skate Freeway

You might want to check out the updates on the

"The day Cars were banned from the freeway..." page.

I welcome your feedback

BTW, the "Revenge of the Ped" page is smokin'. That page is getting so many page views, Google themselves, came by to take a look at what's up at Cycle Santa Monica!. I hope they keep the "ped" video up for everyone to see.

I got some new stuff that I will be posting this evening, or maybe tomorrow, that I think is amazing. And I think you may find it amazing too, and I want to share it with you.


Monday, March 06, 2006

Bicycle Music

Can't ride the "Mass" without my music.

What songs should I bring?

That is the Critical Mass...