Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Midnight Ridazz

Check out this new "Midnight Ridazz" video (Los Angeles, CA).

(Continue to - Midnight Ridazz - Part 2)

This video (Part 1) is about 3 minutes long, 18 MB Quicktime video, with a nice added soundtrack. This is a well made video with some nice video clips, well edited, from the Midnight Ridazz's two year aniversary ride.

Midnight Ridazz is a once a month bike ride in Los Angeles. It is reported that thier most recent rides have seen between 500-1000 riders.

See the producers blog, Urban Testing Ground, for episode two of "Midnight Ridazz!".

If you liked the "Midnight Ridaz" video, you may also want to check out another video by Urban Testing Ground titled "Shot Callers". Its an expose on a "low rider" bike club in the SFV.

NOTE: If you enjoyed this video, you may also enjoy seeing "Car Free" in L.A. - The Real Deal.


Cycle Santa Monica! said...
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Joel said...


Cycle Santa Monica! said...

I found a comprehensive report on this particular Midnight Ridazz ride on

Anonymous said...

Here is a MAP to the Pioneer Chicken in Echo Park where I think they meet at(2nd Friday of the month @ 9pm. It is at the corner of Echo Park Ave and Sunset Blvd (1321 Echo Park Ave, LA, CA - (213)481-1580 )

Check out this blog with a story about that pioneer chicken. Yummy pictures of thier chicken.

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