Sunday, March 05, 2006

Magical Two Feet...

Check out the "Kintaro Walks Japan" video(see it below). It is is a magical and whimsical video, that documents, in an artistic and creative way, the 2000 mile journey of walking from one end of Japan to the other. For more detailed info, take a look at the "Kintaro Walks Japan" website.

The Google Video description says:

Kintaro Walks Japan is the meticulously filmed and edited story of Tyler MacNiven's 2,000 mile trek from the bottom of Japan to the very top. His five-month odyssey was meant to impress a girl and to find his American father's Japanese birthplace. Tyler arm wrestled 100-year old ladies, dodged trains in tunnels and walked into the hearts of the Japanese people, quickly becoming a celebrity.
This video may inspire you and your imagination on the possibilities of where your two feet may carry you. And the joy and magic you can attain along the way.

This film discusses other famous walking journeys, including George Meegan's book "The Longest Walk". That is the story of his trek from the southern tip of South American to the northern tip of Alaska (over 19,000 miles).

NOTE: Also recommend seeing "Car Free L.A.", a video about one angelino who is more "care free" by being "car free".

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