Sunday, March 12, 2006

Dublin traffic

(picture to the right from "Dublin(Ireland) Traffic" video. click on picture to enlarge)

The people on the Emerald Isle (Ireland) like to to it on a bicycle saddle.

They do it on the left side. And sometimes, they like to record themselves doing it. (wink)

Music track is outstanding!

(Video Link)

This is one of the TOP videos on bicycle commuting coming out of europe.

"Cycle commuting in Dublin traffic" video(see it below).(13 minutes - May 2004 - hosted by Google Video)

Google Video description:

My daily commuting through the rush hours and horrible traffic in Dublin, Ireland.
Produced by: Dublin Cycling Campaign
Cameraman, production, stunts: Thomas Pedoussaut

NOTE: The bike lanes are painted red.

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