Thursday, March 09, 2006

Why SUV?...

"Why SUV?"

The abbreviated question, "why do we own them?", "why do we drive them?", and more.

This is a question that gets asked by many.

Monopod Productions, the film maker of this video, titled "Widdershins"(40 minutes), takes you on a quest, to get the answers.

Widdershins Video:
(full film - 221 mb - download)
(trailer -10 mb - download)
(both hosted by

And they show you some of the sights to be had in San Francisco, by bicycle, along the way.

This video is brain food. See it if you want to feed your brain.

It includes some clips of the San Francisco critical mass.

This is's description of the video:

Interviews in public capture more than just a discussion of SUV's. Optimistic in the human power of the bicycle and pertinent in this violent political climate, Widdershins reflects on the connections between the shape of our world and the shape of our vehicles. A thoughtful voice-over and three years' footage are crafted in the organic manner of Ross McElwee's personalized documentaries. The film brings in to plain sight the insidiousness of SUV's, and creates a broader vision. It is timely, inquisitive, gently powerful, and honest.

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