Friday, March 03, 2006

Skate/Bike/Walk Freeway

Have you every Ever thought of bicycling down the freeway?
How about, have you ever thought about skating down the freeway?... yah baby, on those three inch wheels.

Check out the "110 Freeway Skate" video (2003)(20 mb Quicktime file). And see the skaters and cyclists take the "fast lane" on the 110 freeway one weekend morning in 2003.

(pictures on the right are from the video)

"The day Cars were banned from the freeway..."

The Music/Sound on this video are awesome. This video is intense and fun. The video gives a sense like you are rolling with them on their taboo journey/adventure... skating the 110 freeway.

DOWNLOAD Video(.MOV 3mb)

To see some more wild exploits on tiny wheels by the same producer, see Tim's website.

For more info about the festivities of that day, check out the ArroyoFest Walk and Bike Ride website

If you want to skate the Streets of Santa Monica and other parts of Los Angeles on tiny wheels, check out the LA Friday Skate website.

They have a mailing list that you can join and a yahoogroup. They have been meeting around 8:15pm at the top of the Santa Monica Pier(near the pier sign) every Friday (except one Friday every month they meet in downtown L.A. or Hollywood for some skating variety).(more info)

More info also at the Cycle Santa Monica Geocities site.

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Cycle Santa Monica! said...
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Anonymous said...

As taxpayers americans have a right to ride their bikes and skates on the street without the wheeled coffins spoiling the ride.

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