Thursday, March 09, 2006

CarFree L.A.

Filmmaker, Seth Wiley, from InmanStories, captures the word being spoken about living in "Los Angeles Without A Car"(4.5 minutes - October 2005 - hosted by Google Video - watch video below) on video.

Description on Google Video says:

Living without a car in Los Angeles, the epicenter of America's love of the automobile, traveling via public transportation and a skateboard.
The music on this video, by "Turtle In Space", rocks!

This is the real deal. A story about what it is like for one Angelino to be more "care free" by being "car free".

NOTE: If you enjoyed this video, you may like to see "Midnight Ridazz" and "Magical Two Feet"

You may also enjoy seeing some web sites that have some helpful info on the subject of living "Car Free":

NOTE: Next Car Free Day will be September 19th, 2006. Look for announcements of special events happenning throughout Los Angeles, especially in Pasadena and Santa Monica.

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