Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Reader Email

[picture to the right is a pink bicycle stencil on cement with a green flower bicycle tire tread wake- click to enlarge]

Reader's email question:

"I heard that near Los Angeles or in California they have public bikes, pink bikes that people can ride and then they park them and another person can use the bike. In what city is this is happening and what the name of the group that sponsors it?"
I have heard rumors of a public bikes program (painted hot pink) , being organized by some people or group, somewhere in Los Angeles.

I do know of attempts at such programs in cities in the bay area(northern California) using other colors for the bicycles.

There is a report of a similar program in Olympia Washington, called the Olympia Bike Library, in which the free community use bicycles are painted pink.

Do any of the Cycle Santa Monica! community have any more information to help this reader?


Anonymous said...

Nice bike! There is a bike-shop that might be your interest, it is located on Lincoln Blvd and Marine, border with Venice. I'm at Unurban, and will be there all day. Are you coming? Gabe

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