Monday, March 06, 2006

Green Corps

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At the 2006 "State of the Union" (February 2, 2006), Bush spoke, for what has been reported to be, the first time, his opinion, that "America is addicted to oil".

Some people think this new form of thought from Bush is a result of overwhelming, undeniable public opinion, and outcry, that George W. Bush took America to war with Iraq to access Iraqi oil, for America's use.

Perhaps he hinted at this "oil addiction" when he made his first official comment about the "Katrina" disaster, in which he stated, "Don't buy gas if you don't need it"(MP3 file)

However, another interpretation of that comment, "Don't buy gas if you don't need it", may indicate, perhaps, an unintentional expression of the idea of something that was not spoken, yet silently thought, "don't buy gas if you don't need it... just take it, if you want it". Because, this is what many people, Americans, think he has initiated a war with Iraq to do.

That kind of action, just taking it if you want it, even if it is not yours, is very similar to what some addicts do, especially when they are in desperate need for a "fix", and don't have the resource to pay for it.

Perhaps like a drug addict, the secret spying operation conducted by the whitehouse is a way to hide the addiction, and prolong the continued addictive behaviour.

When an addict does not have money to pay for their addiction, they just go out and steal, con, dupe, threaten, lie, borrow... beyond their means, etc, for whatever they need, to get their "high", next "hit" or "fix".

And perhaps, America needs, like drug addicts, to be confronted with an intervention by its friends and family members, to stop the cycle of addiction and dysfunction that active addiction can bring. And once America can no longer deny this addiction to family and friends, because they no longer will allow this secret con continue, America can be put into an addiction recovery program.

Perhaps the whitehouse may help America "find sobriety" from its "addition" to oil, by joining a 12 step anonymous program.

This program - perhaps the White House can call it the "War on Oil Addiction" - could be like Kennedy's Peace Corp and Clinton's Americorps, in terms of helping people, communities meet needs, get back on their feet, their national volunteer service programs did.

This one will provide opportunities for U.S. citizens volunteers to be paid to help America find recovery from its addiction in communities all over America.

As it is now, many volunteers, such as this writer, receive no pay. This work is literally unpaid and done as a result of passion for what is right and good for my community, in all aspects.

This new "Corps" of American volunteers, perhaps it could be called the "Green Corps", could provide paying jobs for this corp of volunteers whom have needed skilsl, passion, just like Americorps and peace corp volunteers to help communities, to help America find recover from its "oil addiction".

The skill and experience needed may include teaching people about alternative modes of transportation, mentoring people on things such as how to ride a bicycle as a means of practical transportation for basic needs, such as shopping, running errands, getting back and for to work, and other things, and many other things.

It may model successful programs such as the "Green Team Project" in Santa Monica, California (now called "Sustainable Works"), in which volunteer teach and provide support to members of the community skills on how to live "green". They would also teach local business owners, and thier employees skills to run their businesses greener.

The Green Team Project was a 9 week initial program that covered areas such as energy, water, air, trash, food, transportation, etc. After graduating from the initial 9 program, all members were invited to join the alumni program, where graduates could continue thier skills building and sharing and receiving of support.

Perhaps an American National Service corp like that would not only help communities brake addictions to their use of petroleum, which is critical. It may also provide paying jobs to folks around the country who find themselves in poverty because of the american economy taking a nose dive. And most importantly, it will be likely to spread much more good will around the world, AND within the USA, among Americans and citizens of foreign countries, for America, Americans. And hopefully it can repair the regard and trust people have for the White house.


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