Friday, February 24, 2006

L A Critical Mass

The LA Bike Tour is probably the biggest Critical Mass of cyclists in the United States. It's happening in Los Angeles. It is officially known as the "Acura L.A. Bike Tour". The next one is on Sunday March 19, 2006. It is a 22.6 mile bicycle ride(thank you Stephen and an anonymous reader for milage correction) in the early morning, on the same day as the Los Angeles Marathon. Several Thousand cyclists ride. Most are registered, and some not. In previous years some folks have resented that the LA Bike tour was sponsored by a car company. So some refused to pay a registration fee as a form of boycott. And some didn't register because they could not afford the high registration cost.

The roads are blocked off to motor vehicle traffic. It is a day where cyclists have priority, quietest, and cleanest air on these streets. It is one of the best opportunities to see the buildings and other things while riding your bicycle down these roads. There are some Photos taken from the 2005 ride.

Think about it, 22 miles of riding a bicycle in Los Angeles without being bullied by car, trucks, and vans that want you our of their way or who use the road as their personal speed test track. Intersections blocked off to motor vehicle traffic.

It is virtually a care free, car free, day to enjoy the air, the pleasure of enjoy the city scape, sharing time with others on two wheels, on your bicycle.


Stephen May said...

The runner's marathon is 26.2 miles, but I think the Bike Tour is 21 miles. We start at Runner Mile 5.

Anonymous said...

The bike tour is 22.7 miles long, this year.

I think it was only 15 miles long, last year.

Cycle Santa Monica! said...

Thanks Stephen and Anonymous.

I corrected the the info in the post.


Will said...

In regards to the statement above that the LA Bike tour route was "only 15 miles long" in 2005, I've done it every year since its inception in 1995. It's never been less than 20 and last year's was actually one of the longer of the bunch... probably not much different than this year's scheduled distance.

Cycle Santa Monica! said...

Will, thanks for sharing the background info you had on the LA Bike Tour.

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