Monday, February 27, 2006

Canine Power!

Sometimes on two wheels, sometimes on four, wheels help them achive more mobility.

Trixxy was spotted (picture on the right), apparently enjoying the experience of visiting WorldFest(Los Angeles, 2005)

If dog's could smile, I think Trixxy is smilling. And I am sure she appreciates the curb cuts, a result of the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA), at sidewalk intersections, just like many skaters, cyclists, and other peds do.

Dog powered vehicles. These are a kind of manual wheelchair for dogs that for some reason loose ability to walk with their hind legs. There are variations that let animals get around on wheeled prosthetics with as little as one paw power.

And for for your interest there are some dogs that climb trees, learned how to walk on thier hind legs, skateboard, and even ride bicycles. These are amazing creatures.

"Faith" The Biped Dog! was born with some deformities in her front two paws. And as a puppy she, it is reported that out of necesity, she learned how to walk on her rear two legs.

At the links you will find videos of these amazing living animals in action.

Perhaps the next step is help get our four legged friends access to the public bus system so they can travel with us so we don't have to drive a car.

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mark schuette said...

new safe dog/human powered rigs- urban mushing sport

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these rigs are much safer and more practical than using a bicycle or any "dog out front " method of mushing for us urban dwellers.

Dear High Drive Dog Owners-
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