Saturday, August 26, 2006

Wandering Wheels

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This group, calling themselves, "Wandering Wheels", whom plan and conduct bicycle and scooter tours across the United States(and beyond), have an affinity for starting their tours in Southern California. There most recent Motor ScooterTrip started in Santa Monica. It was a three (3) week tour(June 16 - July 7, 2006), coast to coast, zigzaging across some of the most pictureque places of the United States, before ending the trip in Murtle Beach, South Carolina.

The tour operators arrange lodging, which include campgrounds, motels, and churches. The tour fee includes all the breakfasts, and other scattered meals throughout the tour.

From what I gathered, by looking at the tour costs from their website, the trips cost roughly between $500-1100 per week. And that the tours/trips include all lodging, many or most meels, and other support. Personal spending money, and bicycle and scooter repair is available, but is extra, at a fair cost for parts and labor.

They also do bicycle tours through Florida, Ontario Canada, a tour they dubbed "Fall Breakaway"(through Kentucky and Indiana and a special China tour(next one scheduled for sometime in October 2006) by bike.

Comment about the scooter tour, which the call the "Motor Scooter Trip". The scooter must be 50cc or less, to be "in the spirit of the Motor Scooter Trip". The recommend the Kymco. Well, Here is exactly what they say regarding the type of scooters used on the trip:

"Wheels’ scooter of choice has been the 50cc KYMCO. It cruises at 45 miles an hour. The wheelbase of any scooter you decide to ride is critical concerning trailer space for transporting it to the Pacific Coast and back from the Atlantic Coast. The spirit of the coast-to-coast scooter trip is to use a 50cc scooter. Anything bigger must be cleared with Wheels."
For more information about them, tour dates, costs, etc. Check out their website:

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