Sunday, August 27, 2006

Santa Monica Steps

For those that would like to see where some of the trendy Santa Monican's (and tourists from around the world) go for a little extreme walking workout, DJ Chris, in the video below, takes you along for his workout on the world famous Santa MOnica Steps with a little comic releif. (video and map below)

The Santa Monica Step(stairs) ar located near the corner of 4th street and Adelaide Drive. There are actually tow sets of steps, about 200 feet apart from eachother. The Western set of steps is a narrower set, with room for a maximum of two people to walk side by side comfortably. That set of steps is mostly cement steps with a bit of zig zaggin, and trees covering a good portion of them. That set of step is about 300 steps and the equivlent hieght of about a five story building.

The eastern set of steps is about the same height and number of steps, but perhaps a little shorter. That set of steps is much wider, with room for several people climb up and down side by side comfortably.

That eastern set of steps are mostly made of wood, and in some cases the wood is a bit warn out. Recommend caution of that set of steps.

If you are looking for the closest public bathroom of water fountain. Their is a small gas station at the bottom, up the street a couple hundred feet that may have a public accessable restroom, water, and small convenience store for drinks and other items. On the top side of the steps, the nearest public restrooms and water fountain is at the Palisades park, about a quarter mile south east of the steps.

Here is a Map of where the steps are located.(Google Map)

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