Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Rocket Boots

"a device that will allow one to run at 25 miles per hour and take strides of 12 feet. They're basically a small diesel engine on your foot, and they only take 40 grams of fuel per 12 kilometers."

"Quickwalker boots (they're also called Saigak boots after a type of antelope)."

Read what the Russians have to say about the Power Boots (link).

Continued below...

This video is of a guy test (driving?) running in a pair of russian made "rocket boots". They were a cold war era secret defence department development project, that was released when the USSR went defunct.

These rocket boots are a prosthetice worn around the lower part of both legs and feet.

There is a single diesel fueled cylinder on the side of each boot. The cylinder piston compresses when the wearer presses down on the ground with their foot.

When the compression reaches a critical point, the diesel fuel combusts and pushes the pison down. This propels the wearer up. when walking, and not running, there is just a spring/air load that gives the wearer a slight springing gait.

These rocket boots can more than double the distance the wearer can jump on each foot when running.

This can more than double the speed the wearer can achieve with less energy output and lower number of steps per minute.

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