Monday, August 21, 2006

Barbie Bike V. Car

No cyclists were hurt in the making of the film, according to the film maker.

See my comments below, plus the reference to Tree Hugger's recent article on Bicycling in Los Angeles and Helmets for bicyclists).

Film Maker's Description:

"A small sample clip from my latest film "Norm." This may be a little shocking, but nobody was hurt. Thank goodness she was wearing her helmet."
For more info about the film maker see ClydeBanks @ youtube.

This video brings to mind the recent Tree Hugger article in which generated a flurry of comments regarding whether bicyclists should wear a helmet.

First, to my knowledge a helmet is NOT REQUIRED by law, unless you are 16 or under, in California.

The rules get a bit murkier when you are riding a bicycle with electric power assist (ebike).

There are groups around the world that are opposed to any laws which mandate a cyclist wearing a helmet. They believe that bicycling skill is a much more important than wearing a helmet to prevent head injuries.

Additionally, if law makers start to write laws at the cost of personal liberty, for the sake of a personal safety, then that is likely to lead to other draconian laws, such as requiring all senior citizens and children to wear helmet's.

Could it not be argued that the seniors, whom are often frail and prone to falling, or other behaiour which can cause them to get into accidents, fall, etc. And that because of their age, those accidents can cause more harm to them.

And if safety is important for children too, then perhaps they should all be force to wear helmets anytime they are out in public or at the local parks, jungle gym, slides, and swings. And while at it, perhaps they should all be require to wear rubber dental protection to protect their teeth from being broken.

Regarding riding a bicycle on the sidewalk, in many cities it is legal to ride a bicycle on the sidewalk as long as the cyclists gives right of way to pedestrians, and rides it in a safe manner. They can include driving it an appropriate spped for the sitiation. A bicycle can be ridden under 5 miles per hour. There are times when it is a good thing that the cyclist has an option to ride on the sidewalk.

Transportation cyclists might want to ride their bicycles as a car. And that is fine. And they too should be allowed to continue to do that legally.

You can see many reports and videos from around the world where cyclists continue to have the freedom of choice on whether they wear a helmet or not. It is a matter of freedom of choice.

Check out the TreeHugger article on Helmets for Cyclists in Los Angeles


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