Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Wind Power

These Danish Wind electric power generators are huge. There electric generator compartments are the size of a 40 passenger schoobus. The turbing blades have a span of the size of a football field. The turbin generator sits atop aam, that is several stories high.

One of these Hull wind energy turbines can generate enough electricity for more than 750 homes.

Video Description:
"...windmills of the Bangui Wind Farm in Pagudpud."

Dutch Windmil.

Assembling these large dannish wind energy electricity genertors requires very large cranes.

Video Description:
Today, under perfect weather, we watched as all three blades for the newest Wind Turbine in Hull, MA
were installed. It took one hour per blade, just as the Vespas installers told us. Rain moved in after the task was completed.

Video Description:
"This clip shows the construction of a 10Mw wind turbine park in the State of Idaho"

The video below illustrates how huge these dannish wind energy electricity generators are.

Video Description:
A closer look at the installation of the 2. Wind Turbine for Hull, MA. A visit on Sunday, Thursday and lifting of first blade."

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Tom Gray said...

Neat videos, thanks for posting them and for your other efforts on behalf of sustainability.

Thomas O. Gray
American Wind Energy Association