Thursday, August 31, 2006

Steven Seagal on Ebikes

Aikido martial arts master and Hollywood Superstar, Steven Seagal, buys ebikes
(A news reports from our friends up at EVUK)

EVUK writes,

"Try telling that to mystical Hollywood martial arts and tough-guy action hero Steven Seagal.
Paul Markham of Thailand-based Ecobrand Exim International - EV entrepreneur and distributor of the Harrier all-terrain ebike(based on the Ecolux Tornado - see below) - has contacted EVUK to report that the actor and Zen-devotee recently paid a visit to Exim's offices in Bangyai to place an order for various evehicles/ebikes/escooters for his 30,000 acre California ranch.

He writes:

"I'm just sending you some photos taken with Steven Seagal recently while he was in Thailand. I first met Seagal last year by accident at the Bangkok Motor Show Gala Dinner(plus Miss Motor Show Competition Beauty Contest!) and he was impressed by my environmental cause here and commitment to evehicles etc.
I was one of the few foreigners there and Steven walked past my table and asked what I did in Thailand. I answered that we assemble and market electric bicycles and vehicle concepts here and he said(quote):
"You are a man after my own heart - an environmentalist" (Zen-vironmentalist? EVUK Ed.)

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