Monday, August 28, 2006

Motorists Stiffed Again

Well, transportation cyclists recognise many of the benifits of using a bicycle, sometimes along with public transit, can save them lots of money.

There is the savings in gas, parking, insurance, and often time.

The bicycle will be less expensive to repair.

And those guys driving cars, are getting rammed financially again, by auto repair shops, such as the auto repair chain, Jiffy Lube, as the investigative report below documents, by being billed for repair and maintanence services that are never being done.

Those costs can add up. And they can lead to even more damage and expense as a result of those repairs not being done in the first place.

Another reason for folks to consider alternative forms of transportation that are easier on the wallet, as well as their other benefits.

Those alternatives can include, bicycles, electric bicycles (ebike), and public transit, skating, walking/running, all of which can be a lower cost alternative.

And I conclude with a quote by Benjamin Franklin, "A Penny Saved, Is a Penny Earned". And in this case, you can save mulit thousands of pennies.

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