Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Mini Transportation

In the future, perhaps we will move goods to peopl using mini transport.

Why transport heavy humans(drivers) when the goal is to transport the goods.

These videos demonstrate how remote controlled, mini and micro electric vehicles, can move very fast, at a fraction of the cost of energy, of a car, even a bicycle with human passenger.

Vehicles can be adapted for various weights and for carrying various amounts of cargo.

And as you can see in the last two videos, these RC cars can travel very fast, upwards of over 30 miles per hour in this case. And they sometimes weigh less than a few pounds.

When you need to go to the store, why lug around your heavy body, car, or bike? Just send your little electric Remote control car instead.

Strap a video camera phone to your little RC car. Attach a small lite weight trailer to it, and send it on its way. And while at it you can drive it to the store, talk to the clerk, via your cell phone with rc control.

The little car can reach speeds of 65 miles per hour, at a fraction of the energy of driving any other vehicle known. And because its not having to carry the weight of a human body of a couple hundred pounds, its more nimble and efficient getting to the store and back.

Now, the issue will be... Do you have to have a drivers license if you drive your un manned vehicle to the store? (wink)(smile)

This may be the way many of us doing our local shopping in the future.

It may be the way much of our business is done in the future.

Next thing, you'll need to give your little electric car/robot signing privileges on your VISA card.

Video Description:

just taped a camera phone to a very fast electric rc car. (14T modified corally competition motor) goes up to 60MPH on pavement. no part ... all » of this movie has been accelerated.Thee speed you see is true. RC car Radio Control Indoor drift schumacher mission

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