Sunday, August 27, 2006

Kinetic Sculptures 2006

Here are 3 videos from this years Kinetic Sclupture Races, from Arcata to Eureka, California, May 2006.

There are three videos, one for each day of the 3 day race.

Racers build vehicles which must only be powered by human power. They race over/in water, sand, dirt and paved roads, and finally through sloppy, and wet, mud, to get to the finish line.

They are judged, not only on ability to make it to the finish line, or speed at getting their. They are also judged on other things, like speed, art, engineering, mediocre, Best Bribe, Best Pit crew, Splash award, Most Improved, etc. See this years Award winners in action. (LINK)

If you have an interest in watching or participating in a race, as a driver, crew member, or pit crew member, there is another Kinetic Sculpture Race a little closer to Santa Monica, in Ventura Beach harbor in October 2005. For more info, see Kinetic Sculpture Race Ventura

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

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