Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Friday Night Skates

The Friday Night Skate will be having it 10th year anniversary in October 2006. That is just a couple months away.

There is talk within the community of skaters and cyclists, to have a special event in honor of the their tenth year skating the streets of Santa Monica. They have an interest in joining with car free folks, peak oil folks, skateboarders, as well as skaters, and bicyclists, for a fest/party in the month of October.

That might include a special skate cycle ride, with great tunes, for the festive occasion. It might include some exhibitions of some trick skating and biking for the spectators. It might include some costuming up for the occasion. And, hey, it will be the time of Halloween (wink)(smile). It might include some kind of food, and drinks, to mark the occasion. Perhaps the critical mass and midnight ridazz would like to join the fun.

If you are interested in being involved, or knowing where and when this will take place (likely on of the Friday evenings in October) and where (probably Santa Monica, but it could be in Hollywood or ?), contact the Friday Night Skaters at their website or yahoogroup for more info.

Below is a video clip of the Friday Night Skate in Santa Monica, that was featured on Outdoor Live Network TV a few years ago.

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