Friday, August 25, 2006

Believe The Hype

In The August, 24, 2006 issue of the Santa Monica Daily Press (source PDF), there was a front page color photo(see picture on right, click to enlarge).

The Title for the picture read "Scootin' along".

The description of the picture read,

"Six Models from the Do It Outdoors marketing group ride blue electric scooters down Seaside Terrace in Santa Monica as part of an Intel marketing campaign called "Believe the Hype." The scooter can hold an eight-hour charge and an average of 30 miles per hour."
They look a little like EVT electric scooters or Geely electric scooters. Any ideas who the manufacturer and brand is?

And regarding going 30 miles per hour for 8 hours. There has got to be a typo with that, if they are electric scooters. 30 miles per hour for 8 hours would give them a range of 240 miles. Perhaps they meant it takes eight hours to charge and they can go a maximum speed of 30 miles per hour.

I guess part of the hype is in what these electric scooters are claimed to be able to do. Or perhaps those claims are part of the marketing ploy of the guys at "Do It Outdoors".

Here is a blog report on a media event held by Intel on their "Believe the Hype" debut.

Well, it was kind of nice to see more electric scooter, spiffy and shiny, rolling the streets of Santa Monica.

Hmm, wonder what intel has planned for those scooter after they are finished using them for the campaign (smile)

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Anonymous said...

They look like the new 2007 E-Max Classic