Monday, August 21, 2006

"Pedals" Sound System

This is a video from the "Pedals" 12v Bicycle Sound System DIY Workshop (England - Great Britian - 2006). A "Do It Yourself" project to build your own bicycle trailer sound system.

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[Part 1 (87mb) - DOWNLOAD]
[Part 2 (128mb) - DOWNLOAD]
[Part 3 (153mb) - DOWNLOAD]
[Part 4 (68mb) - DOWNLOAD]
["Pedals" Sound System at Critical Mass (4.8mb) - DOWNLOAD]

Video Description:
The workshop was held by a group of activists at RampArt squatted Social Centre in London, England, on 3rd June 2006. This rough hewn video is mainly about 'Pedals', a powerful trailer system used on many demos and on Critical Mass.

The short clip 'pedals' shows 'Pedals' in action. The Workshop video '12vpart1' opens with a new experimental sound system being tested before going on to discuss the design and construction of 'Pedals' itself and sound systems in general in the following clips. For more info, see:

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