Thursday, December 22, 2005

Amphibious Land bicycle

...inventor, Mohammad Saidullah, came up with a design for a bicycle retrofit for an ordinary upright bicycle that allows the cyclist to ride it in water like a boat and on land like an ordinary upright bicycle. It takes about 30 seconds to convert the bicycle from one mode to the other. No tools required to make the change. You can see in the video clip of it being pedaled in water, being converted back to road bike, and pedaled on a dirt road. You can also watch it pedaled in reverse to make the boat go backwards.

Here is what the National innovation Foundation of India had to say about this invention(which they gave an award):

...Amphibious bicycle which is a conventional bicycle to which four rectangular air floats are attached, which support the bicycle when moving in water, and fan blades are attached in a radial manner on the spokes of the rear wheel which enable it to run on both water and land. The blades are arranged in such a fashion that it can be driven in reverse direction also. The advantages are obvious as people in rural areas need no longer solely depend on the few boats which tend to be overcrowded for crossing the river and it can be done at one’s own convenience. As it operates on both land and water, the time and money required for hiring a boat to cross the river and for further transportation on land is saved. A further application could be in amusement parks or children’s parks. Saidullah was awarded the first prize for his presentation of a showcase of his innovations during the Republic Day Parade in Patna in 1995.

Mohammed Saidullah hails from Jatva-Jeneva of Motihari district, Bihar and is currently engaged in selling honey in the market. A philosopher, his mind is always occupied in problem-solving, which would benefit the family and society and he has made various environment-friendly and yet affordable functional innovations such as Mini tractor, key operated Table Fan, Fodder cutter operated Mini water pump, Conserved Energy operated bicycle and Mini turbine for electric generation.

This Technology is available for licensing.

Also Check out the SRISTI, Society for Research and Initiatives for Sustainable Technologies and Institution.


Cycle Santa Monica! said...

This kind of thing would be great as a tool for disaster and emergency rescue backup equipment.

Can you imagine if all the folks with bicycles had these pontoon retrofit kits for their bicycles, they could have manuvered around where ever they needed to go. They could attached boat to them as a kind of trailer.

This may be something worth aquiring as the city of New Orleans is being rebuilt. And it may be worth considering in any city where flooding is a risk factor.

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