Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Toxic Skies

[Click on pictures to enlarge.
The picture to the upper right is of the northwesterly sky above Santa Monica California, on May 23, 2005, at about 6pm.
The 2nd picture to the right is of a sign at the "Right to Breath Healthy Air" rally at West L.A. Federal building May 20, 2006.]

At the "Right To Breathe Healthy Air" rally at the West L.A. Federal building last Saturday, there was an announcement of aabout a special news report by Paul Moyer scheduled to be broadcast on Tuesday, May 23, 2006 (NBC - Channel 4), titled "Toxic Skies"(link 1)(link 2)

The rally was the second one they have done so far. They plan on doing more. They would like to raise consciousness to the subject of what is being emitted in our skies. And they are raising health concerns. And they would like the US government to disclose or to investigate what is being emitted by the airplanes in our skies.

For more info about the "Right To Breathe Healthy Air", contact: phone 310-657-5174 or send email to: kathyornstein (at) hotmail.com.

There are about 15 videos hosted on Google Video on chemtrails which can be viewed for free.

Additionally, there have been two recent produced documentaries on a related subject. One is called "Global Dimming" produced by the BBC and another titled "NOVA - The Dimming Sun" broadcast on the PBS network(video link).

Also, see what Astornaut, US Marine Corp Fighter Pilot, and US Senator John Glenn has to say about Al Gore and "Global Warming" at an event at Ohio State University on Global Warming.

Also, you may want to watch a documentary aired on TVLink in the European Union on "Air Pollution"


Brad Munson said...

Love the pictures AND the info. Wish you'd come a few miles east and Cycle Pasadena...

Brad Munson

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