Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Drivers Ed

In line with the series of posts on Ralp Nader, here is a Driver's Eduction film shown to new drivers in the days before Ralph Nader got auto makers to install seat belts and other things to make them safer. It is called "Signal 30, Part 1" (produced in 1959)

Video Description:

Legendary driver ed film showing gruesome aftermath of horrific crashes. Films like this were part of teenage folklore from the fifties through the seventies, back before kids got to see dead bodies on the internet all the time. This was the grandaddy of them all.

A facsinating and arcance piece of cultural history, from those pre-Ralph Nader days, when airbags didn't exist and seatbelt were considered optional. Still pretty shocking.

I got this off of, so it's presumably public domain.

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