Friday, July 18, 2008

Al Gore July 2008

Al Gore spoke in Washington, DC July 17, 2008. He spoke of a plan to end our reliance on carbon based fuels within 10 years. See a clip from the speech below.

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Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, Al Gore travels the world using... carbon based fuels.

Ok, so if we put his personal hipocrisy aside, lets just examine his base proposal: generate all electricity not using carbon-fuels.

Um, and how does that diminish our dependency on foreign oil?

Answer? It doesn't.

We don't use foreign oil to generate electricity.

Further, using "non-carbon-fueled" means of generation, does nothing to replace motor fuels, or offset the petrochemicals used to make electric vehicles.

Folks, Al Gore "lost it" years ago. When he was campaigning for president, he claimed we "have the right to drive anywhere, anytime" (remember, he's an oilman too). When he lost the 2000 election (per the New York Times), he had to cook up something to seek revenge on all of us. Thus, we got the propaganda film, "An Inconvenient Truth", which didn't permit discussion or debate. So much for science.

I'm all for conservation, pollution control, and energy efficiency. I don't drive a car. I would gladly install solar water heating and electrical panels, if our blue-state city would let me.

But what Al Gore is doing, is simply creating a market for his financial cronies to rip us off (much like the Congress & White House did via the senior prescription drug benefit) in the name of "greening" their pockets, I mean, the planet.

Please don't drink the kool-aid.

Al Gore said "the debate is over."
Did you ever hear it?