Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ebikes on Youtube

Electric bicycles (AKA ebikes and electric assist bicycles) have achieved a milestone on Youtube with one of the most popular videos depicted an electric bicycle passing the threshold of 200,000 views "News Report "Man Motors On Hybrid Bike" (200,638 views). The next few top viewed videos depicting electric assist bicycles are not far behind. See chart of top four below:

  1. News Report "Man Motors On Hybrid Bike" (200,638 views)
  2. nano motor electric bike kit: freewheel demonstration" (191,585 views)
  3. Ultimate hybrid electric bicycle" (169,504 views)
  4. Mongoose Cruiser Electric Bike Review" (167,234 views)
(see all 4 embedded below)

And the total number of video on youtube is exploding as well. For example, as of today, here are the stats on number of videos with these keywords in thier description:

Other popular video sharing sites are also swelling with growing number of video depicting electric assist biccyles, such as Daily Motion, Veoh, and Metacafe.

What are your favorte videos of electric bicycles on the internet? Post links and info in the comments so we all may know about them. Thanks!

News Report "Man Motors On Hybrid Bike

nano motor electric bike kit: freewheel demonstration

Ultimate hybrid electric bicycle

Mongoose Cruiser Electric Bike Review

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