Sunday, June 10, 2007

Petrolius Ad

Thumbs Up on this video. I like how the film maker ( mimics big Pharma commercials. Like big pharma TV advertisements, first they create a visualizing appealing lifestyle that people would like for themselves, such as opening the sunroof and letting hands blow through fresh clean air, car traveling in a beautiful pasture and other plant life lined road(no traffic), and happy family scene. It ends with a monotone, fast paced, low volume voice, that speaks in a fast tempo with the list of potential side effects to those using the product. This style, including the disclaimers which seem to be spoken so fast and quietly that people will not hear them, in addition to being done on pharmaceutical advertisements, are done on cigarette ads, liquor ads, and other such products. Or at least until the products become banned from being advertised on television. Perhaps gasoline will someday be banned from being advertised on television and radio advertising.

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