Saturday, June 16, 2007


The Master of documentary film making has produced his latest masterpiece and cage rattler, titled "Sicko"(wiki).

As bicyclists, skaters, and ped's, having access to affordable health care is essential.

In the film, Moore takes you around the world to interview people, patients, families, doctors, and government officials on what it is like to have access to free health care paid through taxes. This film is definitely a "must see" and highly recomended.

Below that is a message from Michael Moore asking for your health care stories. Go to the you tube link to see comments to the videow and get more information on how to contribute your stories.

Below is a trailer for the film. And below the trailer is a small clip of a guy living in the USA who could not afford to have the fluid from his elbow drained. So he documented draining his elbow using a brake fluid bleeder. Warning it is a little gross, but not too bad.

Recommended Links:
- Tommy Douglas(wiki) considered the founder of the Canadian National Health Care System.

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