Saturday, April 19, 2008

Bicycle Skyscraper

This video appears to be a news clip about a public bicycle parking tower in Japan(Kasai train station, Edogawa, Tokyo, Japan). It is automated and apparently can retrieve a bike about 22 seconds. This is like the "Bike Tree" on steroids. I wonder if it may be possible to rig up some kind of charging system? or perhaps to have some of the spots set up for charging electric bicycles (ebikes). Or perhaps could it accommodate extra long bikes such as bikes use the Xtracycle back end or tandems). I suppose tricycles and tall bikes will have to find parking else where.

What do you think of this parking system? It seems that it would virtually eliminate theft issues, enhance quantity of bikes that can be parked in a space, provide shelter for bikes from the weather, and many other things. Anyone got more info about this facility? Please email me directly or post in the comments section. Thanks!

Using Google "Japanese to English" translator, the video description says "Edogawa, Tokyo Tokyo underground bicycle made of bicycle parking in front of the station. Cam accommodate the number of units in 9400, the total construction cost of 7 billion yen ..."

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