Thursday, April 10, 2008

Blood Car

If you are looking for a horror/gore film to see for Earth Day, you might want to see "Blood Car". It may satisfy your thirst for blood and gore on the big screen, while at the same time displaying a less obvious message about why there is an "Earth Day".

Here is a trailer for the movie:

See you at the Earth Day festival on the 3rd Street promenade this Saturday(April 12, 2008), from 10am-7pm. (see: ). It's free. And there will be many exhibitors, at least one stage with live entertainment, and other things happening.

Blood Car info from Wiki:
Directed by Alex Orr
Produced by Jon Swindall
Written by Adam Pinney
Alex Orr
Starring Mike Burne
Anna Chlumsky
Katie Rowlett
Editing by Jon Swindall
Adam Pinney
Release date(s) 2007
Country United States
Language English

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