Thursday, April 02, 2009

Skipping Waste

If you liked the documentary film "Ready, Steady, Skip!" documentary, you might also like another documentary that came out last month. It's called Skipping Waste (watch it below in full).

In it, the bicycle riding folks, (hailing from France and the Netherlands), take the viewer along on their bicycle rides through streets and alleys of cities in France(and Netherlands?) to discover their hidden treasures being throw out daily. They claim tons of this safe and edible "waste" go to landfills each day. They also demonstrate how to pick, prepare, cook, and eat it while having fun along the way.

Oh, and BTW, there is apparently a "Skipping Waste" video screening potluck happening this Sunday (April 5, 2008) ( LINK)

Also, there is another fledgling group called "HOPE gardens" or "Fallen Fruit Santa Monica" meeting at the Santa Monica Farmers Market this Sunday(the one on Main street and Ocean Park) for a little urban harvest(Fallen Fruit) feasting and communing. They will be meeting around 12 noon and 2pm out on the grassy area. (if you are interested in that one, send me a message. And if you go let the organizer know Cycle Santa Monica! referred you. Thanks.)

Skipping Waste from mirco on Vimeo.

Here is a little blurb on the documentary:

"Skipping Waste" is a documentary about dumpster diving created in 2009 by Lily Barlow. It was shot in France and the Netherlands. The movie is distributed under the conditions of the Creative Commons ShareAlike NonCommercial Attribution license.

Monopolized supermarkets chains dominate food sales. Bananas from Columbia and avocados from Brazil fill food baskets of European consumers throughout winter-time. These and other unsustainable consumer habits lead to a well of waste, burned oil and overflowed landfills. Desperately seeking an alternative, dumpster divers take to the streets, feeding themselves and those hundreds in need with dumpstered food. "Skipping Waste" follows these communities through France and the Netherlands as they recoup and reuse what a capitalist society deemed as trash.

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Anonymous said...

The Santa Monica Daily Press did a recent article that is somewhat related. See: "City Hall explores pairing property owners with gardeners"

CSM! said...

There is another group in the Westchester area that is doing something like the group in Santa Monica. see

Here is an article from the Daily Breeze from March 23, 2009.
Ripe for charity - Harvest Westchester gathers fresh fruit to donate to food pantry
By K S Agostoni.

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