Friday, April 24, 2009

Veggie Pride Parade

This Sunday will be a Veggie (vegatarian vegan) Pride parade/rally/food-fest( or LINK1 LINK2), starting in Culver City and ending in Venice Beach. I suppose people on bicycles would be welcome to ride in the parade. I suppose costuming the dressing up the bicycle in veggie themed stuff would be fun. Perhaps making the wheels look like giant orange or lemon slices? How about colorful spoke cards to commemorate the parade? And perhaps ?? any other ideas to share? (details and links for the parade below) Plus here is a video clip of Jessica Alba talking to Jay Leno about some Organic Vegan (dairy and egg free) cupcakes she made for Easter this year (and for her new daughter coming up on her one year birthday). Also, check out one of many links(LINK) of how athletes are going with a vegan lifestyle as a way to improve their strength, speed, endurance and even body mass (such as body builder Kenneth Williams and several other whom call Venice, Santa Monica, and West L.A. home)And for bicycle commuters this can enhance the distance and speed of your bike commutes. Also, It can minimize recovery times. If you want to know more about that let me know. There are lots of scientific studies and researchers whome have documented this information.

Vegetarians everywhere UNITE! Join LA’s first VEGGIE PRIDE PARADE and help make veggie history!

The festivities will begin at 11:00 am at Culver Events, where “veg heads” will register, enjoy a pre-march rally with veg entertainment and a special keynote speaker to rally the veg troups for our historic march. At noon we will begin a 5K walk through Venice with participants adorned with eye-catching costumes and thought provoking signs to educate people about the humane, environmental, and health benefits of a vegetarian diet.

After the march we will gather for a post-parade rally to celebrate the vegetarian lifestyle, with special guest presentations, music & veg entertainment, costume contest, and of course, a smorgasbord of vegan food from our area’s top veg restaurants.

So, come and get your veg on with inspiring guest speakers Karen Dawn, Rory Freedman, Ken Williams, and other special guests. You’ll be able to explore great food and cruelty-free shopping with our Veggie Pride Parade Vendors!

The Los Angeles VEGGIE PRIDE PARADE was inspired by Vegetarians Against Animal Exploitation in France who will be celebrating their 9th parade in 2009 and by VivaVeggie Society who organized the first Veggie Pride Parade in the U.S. in 2008.

The Los Angeles event is being coordinated by Animal Acres, the Los Angeles farmed animal sanctuary and compassionate living center.

LA’s first VEGGIE PRIDE PARADE will begin at Culver Events (11948 W. Washington Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90066 ) and there will be a 5k VEGGIE PRIDE loop through Venice returning at Culver Events for a post-parade rally with special veg guests, veg food, veg entertainment & more!

Endurance Athlete talks about eating Raw Vegen Diet for improved Endurnce, strength, Mental clarity, etc.

video description:
Arnold's Way - Endurance Athlete On Low Fat Raw Vegan Diet. Michael is an ultra long distance runner who is fueled by large amounts of raw fruits and vegetables. Michael just completed a marathon before the taping of this interview in 02:32:35 Michael talks about the importance and benefits of following a low fat raw vegan diet.

Carl Lewis (Gold Medal Olympics winner) and actor talks about eating a Vegan diet for improved athletic and mental performance.


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