Monday, May 04, 2009

Santa Monica Steps

CBS did an interesting news report about the Santa Monica Steps a couple months ago(February 2009).
(see DJ Chris's comedic video of the Santa Monica Steps from 2005/2006 "Santa Monica Steps")

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Video Description:

Video starts with a report of a guy being arrested for doing push ups in an alleged "no push up zone" somewhere on a grassy street median near the Santa Monica Steps. Then it goes into interviews with the push up guy and some of the near by residents.

Santa Monica's Disputed Steps
February 18, 2009

Exercise aficionados flock to the Santa Monica steps leading down to the beach. They say it's their right, but local residents say there's too many people working out. Ben Tracy reports

Another video from the Santa Monica Steps on Youtube.


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Love the videos.


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Twenty blocks closer to the ocean the Santa Monica Steps are a popular set of 189 very steep steps that lead down into the canyon.

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I was wondering what to do in santa monica for good exercise, and this looks fantastic. Thanks posting the videos.

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Fitness freaks resort to Santa Monica.

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This is a little funny. There is actually a “no push up zone” over there. Where’s the world heading?

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