Friday, October 20, 2006

Love Bus

In a recent press release of the Big Blue Bus company in Santa Monica. They reported on a story about 2 people who met, fell in love, and followed with a proposal to get maried. See story below.

Recently the Big Blue Bus Charter Services provided a very special and unique charter ride up Ocean Avenue down through the Santa Monica Canyons and Pacific Coast Highway ending at Casa Del Mar hotel. We all know that public transportation gives people more opportunity to interact with our neighbors and people in our communities as opposed to sitting alone isolated in a car. And, here is a perfect example of how public transportation can bring people together.

One of the Big Blue Bus’ regular passengers recently told us the story of how she met, fell in love with, and even proposed to the man of her dreams on a Big Blue Bus:

The first time I saw Greg was when he got on the Big Blue Bus (Line 1) at Rose and Main Street. Even though we both lived in Venice, and only eight blocks apart, I had never seen him before.

I was on my way to class at UCLA Law School, and looking at his briefcase brimming with books, I could tell that he was, too. I was struck by his electric smile and the friendly, “Good morning” he gave to the driver.

It was actually three weeks before we even spoke to one another, and he took the opportunity on a ride home on the Big Blue Bus to strike up a conversation about law school.

From that point, whenever we met going to or from school on the bus, we would sit next to each other and chat about classes, families or football.

We went on our first date on January 15, 2005 and never wanted to be apart a day after that. On September 8, I asked him to marry me on the Big Blue Bus (many thanks to Rosita D’Costa and Michael Brown). He said yes. I have traveled all over the world, but my most important trip was that one hour route from Venice to UCLA and my heart is indebted to the Big Blue.
This story reminds me of the song "The End"(Link one, two) (by the Doors, written and sung by Jim Morrison, another UCLA alumni who live in Santa Monica and Venice).

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