Saturday, October 07, 2006

Riding The Wind

This video is of a a recumbent bicycle riding bicycle trail in Florida. This rcumben bicycle also has an electric power assist to help the rider go further and fasterthan they could otherwise go by "human power" pedaling alone. The electric power assist is whisper quiet and continues to allow the cyclist to experience riding the trail as if they were flying like a bird throught the wind. This video was shot with a bicycle helmet camera and with choice music in the background. (52 minutes)

Video Description:

This is a 52 minute video of the Withlacoochie trail taken from my helmet cam from about 9am on October 1, 2006. The sun angle caused some ... all » flaring in the video, but the trail and riders and scenery remains visible. The vehicle is an Alligt Alleweder velomobile, three wheels, two in front steering, one in back providing the power through 24 gears.

The Withlacoochee Trail is a Rails to Trails conversion of 46 miles end to end running in the center of the state of Florida. It is as wide as a roadway with minimal crossings at the north and south ends. It passes through Inverness, Floral City, Istachatta and other small Florida towns.

There are many recumbents visible in this clip, as well as an unusual mode of transport, the Trikke, sort of a three wheeled push scooter that does not require to be pushed.

This video covers the fifteen and a half mile north portion from Inverness FL. I had video taped the northbound ride, but found my camera had disconnected itself when I put it into the bag. Accidents happen.

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