Sunday, October 15, 2006

Low Energy Lifestyles

This video is from a lecture titled "Low Energy Lifestyles: Lessons From Cuba". It includes the audio plus the power poin presentation. Fairly good quality. The speaker is Pat Murphy and the presentation is about 45 minute in length.

Video description

Low energy lifestyle lessons from Cuba, an excellent documentary on living locally and sustainable living. Peak oil, community solutions, Cubans, run out of oil, discovery, production, demand, growth, forecasts, presentations, decline, years, depression, recession, global, world, energy, industrial civilization, alternatives, bio-fuels, land, fossils, returned, invested, EROEI, renewables, pv, solar, wind turbines, gasoline, changes, lifestyles, current, new way of life, finite, natural resources, survival, environmental, agriculture, smaller, walkable communities, cooperation, social interaction, economy, economic, efficient, efficiency, strategies, usage, decreased, reduced, increased, walking, bicycling, declining, higher quality of life, recycling, reuse, way less driving, standard of living, consuming, carbons, housing, habitat for humanity, crops, green revolution, food, pesticides, fertilizers, farmers, organics, self-sufficiency, grown, growing, cooperatives, markets, mass public transportation, carpooling, hitchhiking, trolleys, buses, hybrids, eco-friendly villages, rooftop gardening, urban gardens, cisterns, lowered utility bills, electricity, passive, insulation, zero energy, permaculture, values. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, this video is distributed without profit, to those who have expressed interest, for research or educational purposes.

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