Sunday, November 19, 2006

36volt 12volt circuit

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Here is a diagram of a possible 12volt, 36 volt circuit for a 36 volt electric bicycle using three twelve volt batteries in series. a second 12 volt circuit may be able to be made by wiring a second circuity by wiring up the batteries in parallel as shown in the diagram.

Some have argued that this configuration may cause a short in one or both of the circuits. And if a short would exist, it may be fixed through the use of diodes.

Do any of you have any comment on whether this configuration is feasable without and/or with diodes(not shorting)?


JB said...


Don't try it! You're effectively shorting each battery (remove the 2 leads from the batteries to the 36V load and you will see what I mean).

Diodes would "rectify" the problem (excuse the pun), but obviously would have to be appropriately rated to carry the current (you will also suffer a 0.6V drop over each diode).

JB from Brissie, Oz

PS: Great Blog!!

CSM! said...

Thanks for the insight JB.

Where in the system would the diods be places? How many, and in which direction?


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