Monday, November 20, 2006

Cyclist Or Pedestrian?

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Is it a Bicycle or a treadmill? (see video below)

Several months ago Cycle Santa Monica! posted a story about a prototype that was submitted to he "Design Challenge" of last year’s Los Angeles Auto show. It was dubbed, "The Running Bus"(see pics on right). The bus can be configured with 10 treadmills in which the runners at each treadmill would be able to contributing power to propel the bus or power or recharge its on board electronics systems. You can find more details, including pictures, on that and other entries into the Design Challenge at article. One of the other interesting ones was called the "GMC" "The Pad", which is like a home on wheels, powered by the sun and biofuels.

Well folks, someone did it. They created an actual working treadmill bicycle. It’s wild! See a video of it in action below.

I can imagine the technology will get better, such as reducing the friction in the treadmill drive mechanism. They may add gearing to allow for high and low gears for climbing, literally, up hill, or for speed, when on level ground or going down hill.

Someone will likely add an electric motor assist to the front or the rear wheel. And full suspension will be added to make for a smoother ride, and less stress on the ankles and knees.

We may see hundreds of these being used as a training tool for running competitions, like the LA Marathon.

It would be fun to see someone on one of these during a critical mass bicycle ride. Whee!

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