Monday, November 27, 2006

Ebikes Italy

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I found an Italy based electric bicycle group, hosted on "Google Groups"(LINK). It is in Italian. You can read it and post to it using google's Italian to English translation tool (LINK)

The name of the group is "ebike epac bicicletta-elettrica pedalata-assistita pedelec electric".

on this post are a couple of the pictures that I found the most interesting. I particularily want to point attention to the electric bicycle attached to the rear of a micro sized italian car and the safety sign attached to the bicycle.

The photographer appears to be documenting a trip using the electric bicycle for hill climbing in the italiona alps. You can review the document here (Italian)(English translation)

If you know of any other group or discusssion forums based in other countries, please send the info to me or post in the links and info in the comments.


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