Monday, April 09, 2007

Ebike on Snow

Knoxie, one of my favorite videographers (in the world of electric assist bicycles video documenaries), has a new video illustrating/demonstrating how an electric assist recumbent ('bent) tricycle (trike) with an electric assist motor can be used for traversing over snow as a commuter vehicle.

And I think this spawns the idea for me that this KMX recumbent bicycle may make an excellent candidate for a kind of soft or hard bra in front to keep a persons legs and feet warm and dry when riding in snow, rain, sleet, etc. And additionally it could improve aerodynamics of the vehicle to increase its energy efficiency.

Also, the KMX could be fitted with a water tight bottom skid which could allow the body to bob in the snow , like a snowmobile, using the front two tires as rudders, either as they are or fitting them with mini ski's.

Additionally, that bottom skid would make it possible to have the bike into a little speed boat, for traversing rivers, or for playing in lakes and other water bodies. And the electric assist motor would allow it to go even farther. That would be an amazing amphibious vehicle that can traverse land, snow, or water. It could even fashion it with a bike trailer that is amphibious and floating for carrying solar panels to power it and carrying batteries and other cargo.

Video Description:

Took the electric KMX out for a blast in the snow, where all other forms of transport were sliding and timidly driving along the electric KMX shone.

Its superb handling and low centre of gravity combined with the electric motor make it an amazingly practical little unit. Most people had to ditch their cars on the way to or from work, I got home in 5 mins.

This electric bike is now powered by a wind generator and is a clean and sustainable form of transport in any weather, I know it wouldn't suit all of you, in that case go out and get a Lotus Tesla! :-)

We can all make a difference!

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