Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Monorails Now

some one sent me this video and I thought you guys might appreciate it. It is an analysis on creating a network of monorails using the flood channels right of ways throughout Los Angeles County.

Monorails are cheaper to build, can be build faster, are quieter (in both low frequency, such as rumblings felt when a heavy bus or train rolls by on the street - and quieter in high freqency, which is heard in both subway trains, and in light rail trains), they are faster, and are more environmentally friendly in being adapted with less impact on the environment, they are more energy efficient than both subways, and lightrail train systems. They can be fully operated on electricity which can be aquired from renewable sources. repairs on monorails can also be accomplished faster than both subways, and light rail systems.

I welcome your comments on the concept of building an envornmentally friendly, cost effective, rapid transit, monorail network through Los Angeles County.


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