Friday, April 20, 2007


In this video(2nd half) an inventer has created a Bendini magnetic motor(instruction s on building Bendini motor) by attaching magets along the rim of a bicycle wheel.

Perhaps this technology will be applied to future bicycles to provide extra power to the human power.

Video description:
Video is from Google video.

"I don't like the term perpetual-motion", says Sterling D. Allan, founder of Pure Energy Systems.... whatever you might call it, the Perendev & Bedini Motors that Sterling brought to TeslaTech 2005 certainly caused a stir. Check out our conference video for close-up footage & descriptions of both motors in operation! In Sterling's words: "The Perendev motor replication was built by Douglas K. Furr, a Ph.D. Mechanical Engineer, for PerenTech(.com), of which I was founder. In Furr's expert design, each of the rotors can be infinitely adjusted in relation to the other in the off-set of drilled holes, and the holes and pins enable one to insert and take out magnets with relative ease. I suppose if someone with more patience than myself were to tinker around with the device, they might achieve eureka in which the thing begins to accelerate."

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