Thursday, April 12, 2007

Mission Earth

(picture to right is from cover of volume 3 of "Mission Earth". Click on image to enlarge.)

NOTE: I am looking for reports of other books you can recommend that are fitting as “Earth Day” celebration books. I would like to create a list of some of the best books that celebrate the specialness of Earth.

I would like to bring attention to an interesting novel called"Mission Earth". It brings attention to specialness of the earth and it's environment to the well being of humans and other life on earth. It is a ten part series of books. For a comprehensive description of the book, I recommend looking at the wikipedia article on it. I would also like to recommend the audio book. It seems to be produced like a movie for the ears. It is like an Old Time Radio show, except it uses more high tech recording and has no commercials. There are lots of sound effects to go with the action in the story. Note that the audio books version is about 2-3 hours for each book in the series, which works out to about 25-30 hours total.

It seems fitting to make recognition to this particular novel, not only because of it's title, but because of the story within. I especially liked the hero of this story whom takes action to save the earth and it's people from destruction from air pollution.

Warning Plot Spoiler (somewhat) below:

This story is about aliens... well, they are more like humans from another planet with advanced development, that come to earth to save earth from it's own destruction. They send some of the their top military officers to infiltrate the earth population to help the earth people clean the air pollution and other environmental destruct ions taking place. The infiltrators have a double agent that gets hired by the Rockacenter family, presumably a play on the "Rockefeler" family. Also, other players that seem to get mock names or Octopus Oil, (Occidental Oil), and many others that want to stop the E.T.'s from cleaning the air and by providing the earthlings with an alternative source of clean energy supply which will last millions of years.

This story plays out in the royal Officer Teller taking immediate action to clean the air. And to do so, the story takes people through some of the psychological aspects of humans which may be causing barriers in their ability to keep their environment habitable to the the human race and which allows the humans to live in peace. Officer Teller leaves a wake of what I consider a positive impact, such as his experience with rescuing a lady from rape, returning money to workers at a Mob controlled casino chain, playing with oil options which allow him to create enough money to acquire the resources he needs to create and disperse the spores which will digest the air pollution and put more oxygen into the air.

I have not read all the books in the series yet, but so far, it seems like this is my pick for Novel for Earth Day or Earth month.

And I welcome comments/feedback from those that have read this novel or about the author.

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Anonymous said...

I read all ten Mission Earth volumes and enjoyed them a lot. The Mission Earth novel is very fitting for Earth Day as not only does it address such subjects as cleaning the Earth atmosphere of pollution to counteract global warming, but it also deals with other ills that are afflicting this planet such as international drug trade, government corruption and the fallacies of the justice system. All the books are written as satires, so they are very funny while at the same time they open your eyes as to what is going on here.
Best, Peter