Monday, May 14, 2007


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In 1970, Dana (AKA Rosemary Brown) was the first person from the Republic of Ireland to win the Eurovision.

In a news film clip, see below, from that year, she was seen riding her bicycle in the city. And, interestingly, in the Eurovision competition, it appears she was wearing a dress with a colorful graphic image of a bicycle on the front of her dress.

The bicycle she was riding appears to be a folding bicycle and may have been taken in Derry Ireland. If anyone has more info or other thoughts on that let me know.

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Wayne said...

What a beautiful song i was 17 y/o when this hit the charts, what memories! shame singing has turned so much to "rap crap" talkies!!!

Wicked Wired Witch said...

Wonderful song, dreadful woman.

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