Saturday, May 12, 2007

Vanguard Bicycle

As it so happens, I ran into the owner of "Vanguard Bicycles" in downtown Santa Monica and got a chance to see his hybrid bicycle up close. In our interesting discussion about electric bicycles I found out that he has a video up on YouTube showing his bicycle in action, rolling the streets (and along the beach) in Santa Monica California. You can also watch it below.

NOTE: It may be nice to see several of the bikes of the "Westside Impressionz" (a low rider bicycle club based in Santa Monica/Venice) be retrofitted with electric assist motors like the Vanguard Bicycle.

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kimdarker said...

I clicked on the link for but it didn't work. couldn't find the server. is the url different perhaps?

the video is very cool, i wonder how many miles it can get on a charge.

CSM! said...

There was a typo on the web address. It has been corrected. This is the link to Vanguard Bicycles:

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