Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Joy of Biking

The Peak Oil folks at APPLE put out a new video panel discussion on "The Joy of Bicycling". It has some interesting info. The people the host interviewed were from the "Alliance of People Powered Transportation"(Nevada County, California).

The Panelists are Janelle Black, Nicholas George, Johnna Gorrido. The host is Janaia Donaldson (Alliance For Post Petroleum Local Economy - APPLE).

One of the interesting things discussed was the bicycle, bike trailer, and ExtraCycle rental program offered through the Alliance for Human Powered Transportation. It would be great to have a resource like that.

Video Description:

Peak Moment 17: Members of Nevada County's Alliance for People-Powered Transportation discuss biking as a viable alternative to cars; safety, time-saving perspectives, strategies for getting started, and being equipped.

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