Friday, May 25, 2007

Unmanned Bicycle

This unmanned (or womaned) robot bicycle raises some many questions and thoughts.(see video below)

It appears that it is an electric bicycle that has a gyroscope to help it keep balance and a computer to give it control of where it goes, how fast, and how to turn, and when.

It might be alot of fun to have one of these at a critical mass bicycle ride. It may freak lots of folks out. Or it might be interesting to have it present riding during a "Ride of Silence". Ot it may be freaky to have it finish up an AIDS California ride as the bicycle being ridden by the spirit of those who have died.

Other thoughts... what is the legality of a robotic bicycle riding on the street or on sidewalks?

It may be kind of nice to have a bicycle like this that you can be kind of like "Kit" in that TV series that you can call to pick you up where you are.

I bike like that may be interesting as a theft deterent in that it will ride home if it gets stolen.

Any more thoughts?

Video description:

A robot bike which is developed to deliver noodles. It keeps balance with a gyro sensor and is equipped with landing gears for a stop.

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